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Mastering complexity, simply

  • As the world’s first always-on client privacy enforcer working across web and mobile, QPrivacy preserves the full benefit of third-party generated analytics while simultaneously safeguarding client data outflow, ensuring that private customer data is safe at every touch point.

    When QPrivacy approached us, they needed help articulating the complexity of their solution consistently across deliverables.

    As we explored the nitty-gritty of their technology and the solution they offer, we were able to tease out their brand identity, honing their message to become clear and concise while still including a strong educational component.


    Ongoing Deliverables

    – Website: www.qprivacy.com
    – Branding & Logo Design
    – Deck
    – Brochures
    – Case Studies 
    – White Papers 
    – Video Script & Production Overview 



  • While QPrivacy’s security promise could easily have guided the brand toward obvious associations with strength and power, we instead wanted the focus to be on another aspect of what they provide: worry-free simplicity. One of the benefits of QPrivacy’s SaaS technology is that it is remarkably simple to install and mostly hands-free to operate. They do all the heavy lifting so their enterprise clients can focus on growing their business rather than managing yet another system.


    “We set out to communicate sophistication without clutter.”

    Erin Kopelow, CEO, TEC


Visual Identity

  • When setting out to brand QPrivacy, we first and foremost wanted to communicate this benefit of simplicity, a key differentiating factor in the market. Visual language is light and minimalist. Grid lines work to give a sense of order and automation, bold colors and typography communicate sharp messages succinctly, and animations are strategically employed to add depth without clutter.


    “There is power in the space between.”

    Janna Palankin, Co-Creative Director, TEC



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