Website Design


  • Today Amazon holds 49% of the ecommerce market in the United States in terms of sales. One of their largest advantages has been the ease at which shoppers can locate the item they are looking for on the Amazon platform. Smaller ecommerce retailers have traditionally lagged behind Amazon when it comes to the power of their search engine platform. Until now. Twiggle technology helps online shoppers locate exactly what they are looking for through an AI powered search engine designed specifically for ecommerce. The company was seeking a more appealing visual language to better illustrate their value-add to B2B clients as well as the general population.



    – Website Design
    – Illustration Design



  • The goal of our visual language was to capture the seamless ecommerce experience Twiggle technology delivers to their clients’ end-user. Soothing tones, connected lines, and round edges work together to create a sense of ease and comfort and communicate Twiggle’s funnel continuity, UX/UI integration and cross-device functionality. Illustrations take the place of more jarring and abstract infographics with emphasis on end-user lifestyles rather than facts and figures. The rich color palette, which works well across digital and print platforms, allows Twiggle to easily extend their language across target audiences, from investor materials to B2B digital platforms.


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