We Are Mothers

Unwrapping motherhood layer by layer.

We Are Mothers

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  • Maya experienced a harder-than-expected road to motherhood. When she finally became pregnant, she was elated. After birth, when in needed of some ‘mama support,’ she started reaching out to other mothers in her social circle. As the conversations deepened, Maya was surprised to uncover more commonality than she expected even with mothers who’s experiences differed greatly from her own. She found strength in hearing the stories and outlooks of others, feeling as though they broadened her understanding of her own approach to her child, and to her emerging identity as mother.

    Through this realization, We Are Mothers was born. A podcast with the intent to dig deep, We Are Mothers is an intimate space for women to discuss and discover themselves and each other. We worked with Maya to help her craft and articulate her podcast’s identity and purpose through a warm and honest brand identity and narrative.

Brand Story

  • Motherhood is a transformative process. Like every transformative process, going through it can be, well, let’s just say ‘challenging.’ Sometimes we fall apart. Sometimes we are elated. Sometimes we are covered in poop and vomit. Sometimes we are covered in kisses and love. Sometimes we feel like we’ve lost ourselves, and then suddenly we feel as though we have become the truest and most beautiful version of ourselves.

    We Are Mothers is a podcast that allows listeners and contributors alike to dig deeper into our identity as women through the journey of motherhood. We are for mothers, mothers-to-be, and not-yet-expecting women who are interested in connecting over the impact motherhood has on our heart, body, and soul.

    The women featured on We Are Mothers are honest, and in that they are brave. You will hear a sense of complexity, not-yet-knowing, and setback. You will also hear a resounding sense of strength, hope, love, and agency. There’s no holding back in this podcast. And that is exactly why we are doing it.

    We invite you to listen. We also invite you to contribute your own story. Some of those stories we will share on our platforms if you give us permission. Others we will want to turn into future episodes with your participation.

    Welcome to We Are Mothers. We are so glad you are here.


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