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Breakthrough Should Shine

  • In the semiconductor industry, meticulous analysis of electronic components is the linchpin of quality control. Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs), celebrated for their unmatched magnification capabilities, have long been the gold standard. Yet, their requirement of closed, vacuumized environments has hindered their practicality and operational efficiency.

    AirSEM has eliminated these limitations, achieving an unprecedented one million times magnification in open-air operation. This innovation casts off the shackles of conventional SEMs, offering a range of transformative advantages.

    As an early stage biomedical startup, AirSEM’s leadership turned to TEC to help them capture the attention of investors and customers who would be in it for the long haul.


    What We Did

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    – Branding
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Details Matter. Impact Matters More.

  • With AirSEM, gone are the constraints on specimen size. The company’s open-air SEM accommodates components of all dimensions. Real-time inspections seamlessly integrate into production processes, preserving workflow continuity. The need for labor-intensive specimen preparation is obviated, ensuring product integrity throughout the examination.

    Our strategic messaging work began by diving into how AirSEM has reimagined quality assurance and expanded the horizons of microscopic analysis.


    “AirSEM has ushered in a new era of precision and efficiency in the semiconductor and biotechnology industries. It was this message that needed to shine.”

    Rachel Hercky Linnewiel, Head of Copy, TEC

Science at Play

  • For the founders of AirSEM, the images generated through their technology were the ultimate in microscopy achievement. However, to the untrained eye, this colossal technological leap often flew by unappreciated..

    Our goal in the branding processes was to fuse the momentousness of achievement with practical reference to the actual images generated by AirSEM’s technology.

    To achieve this we dove deep into the intricacies of microscopy, leveraging microscopic elements, shapes, and imagery as the foundational inspiration. Shapes and gradients embody the graceful curves inherent in magnified specimens, while a bright color palette compliments the black and white imagery SEMs generate with a vibrant edge.


    “Our mission was to seamlessly unite scientific precision with visual aesthetics, ensuring the unseen becomes tangible, and the impact dynamic.”

    Tomi Nelkin, Creative Director, TEC


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