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Letting Purpose Shine

  • Every day Ichilov Hospital’s R&D department looks beyond the status quo to impact patient health and recovery through the advancement of cutting-edge medical discovery. Despite their range of activity, few understood the department’s scope of impact on Ichilov Hospital, patient health, and medical innovation globally.

    The department approached us to help them better articulate their impact across the hospital itself and within the biomedical innovative community as a whole.

    After meeting their team, what we identified was a need to redefine a narrative.  Whether they be administrators, doctors, or scientists, Ichilov R&D is a department comprised of individuals truly committed to advancing medical discovery for the improvement of patient health and well-being. It was time for their patient-centric purpose to shine.



    – Brand Narrative
    – Brand ID & Sub ID Systems
    – Website Copy
    – Website Design
    – Logo Design



  • Working closely with R&D’s leadership, we transitioned communication from a tell approach to a show approach, presenting accomplishments through personal narratives that speak impact.

    In place of descriptive titles, R&D’s website is story-led, where patient, physician, researcher, and administrator voices take center stage.

    A simple but bold ID system, included a strong R&D logotype, allows an individual department identity to stand out within the larger hospital framework.

Ichilov TECH

  • Ichilov Tech, Ichilov hospital’s innovation company, guides faculty and staff in their advancement of groundbreaking medical solutions for successful market application and streamlines collaboration between the hospital and the external startup and corporate community.

    As a for-profit arm within the R&D department, Ichilov Tech was in need of a brand ID and narrative that positioned them as action-oriented, efficient, and current while maintaining a strong connection to the department as a whole.

    Our efforts resulted in a startup-styled ID system that maintained continuity within R&D’s new narrative and design approach.


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