Eurovision Campaign


  • Eurovision was coming to Tel Aviv and Ichilov Hospital was their official health service provider. To prepare, the hospital hand picked expert teams, revamped their approach to servicing internationals, set up remote service areas around the city, and organized an array of Eurovision-starred events at the hospital for patients and staff. Next, they contacted us to create the spectrum of informational and promotional materials that would inform international and local audiences of their relevant services and happenings. We set out to capture the spirit of the contest and the energy unique to Tel Aviv in Eurovision style.



    – Logo
    – Tagline
    – Campaign Brand Language
    – Pavilion Materials
    – Event Promotional Materials
    – Billboards
    – Flags
    – Print Materials



  • First order of business: the tagline. Eurovision fans are loyal and enthused. There is a purity in their commitment that fair-weather observers can’t help but fall in love with. We wanted the tagline to pay homage to the insider with a twist that acknowledged the added value Tel Aviv’s energy, fun, and party atmosphere would undoubtedly bring to the experience. “Douze points”, the French translation of the twelve point highest score rating contestants can receive, has become standard within contest colloquial speak for ‘the best.’ We chose to leverage this for Ichilov within a framework that inspired confidence in the hospital’s level of service and care with a wink to the good time that is Tel Aviv.


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