Fine Dine Air



  • Tel Aviv boasts one of the leading culinary scenes in the world. With combined experience in luxury cruises, aviation, and cuisine, the founding team behind Fine Dine Air was delivering the deliciousness and variety that defines Tel Aviv cuisine to the skyrocketing private jet market flying in and out of Israel. Their business was taking off, but they lacked the right branding to go even further.



    – Company Name
    – Tagline
    – Logo Design
    – Brand Language
    – Menu Design
    – Swag



  • Tel Aviv has a unique culinary vibe, where quality is not necessarily correlated with exclusivity. Sometimes the best meals can be served in sorry-looking establishments, where celebrities mingle casually with ordinary citizens, sharing drinks, jokes, and cigarettes. In short, the best Tel Aviv dining experiences are not always silk and diamond affairs, but rather events woven seamlessly into a core fabric of locals’ daily experiences. We wanted to pay homage to this uniqueness, while simultaneously crafting a brand that would literally be catering to high class. We started with the name.


The Brand

  • The name Fine Dine Air is a play on the informal and local “diner” – the traditionally small and inexpensive restaurant located on neighborhood corners. The logo pays homage to the neon signs of local establishments, but with a sophisticated retro feel. Secondary imagery pulls on the romanticism and timelessness of the sky at sunset, a view both jet setters and ground dwellers can equally appreciate in full splendor. A natural color palette ensures a polished look and feel no matter the setting, promising that Fine Dine Air customers will feel a sense of class no matter the meal – from burgers to caviar.


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