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Creating Mona, the Movement

  • Mona represents a new era for the concept-led boutique hotel and multidisciplinary space.

    Staged in an eight-story industrial factory from the 1950s, this Athens-based hotel is designed to draw guests, artists, and creators together into shared spaces to explore, collaborate, and engage through work and play.

    Together with Mona’s creators, we set out to capture this unique essence and take on life, first through the written word and then through visual design.


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  • Mona is a raw luxurious space, where people connect on various levels. Yet acting as hotel, entertainment venue, dining establishment, and creative hub, Mona cannot be defined by category. So when setting out to capture this venture’s essence, we chose to invoke an attitude. Who is Mona? Why would you want to hang out with her? Where will she take you?

    Our answer is that Mona is someone you can never pin down. She’s thrift store jeans paired with designer heels. The sun worshiper who stays up all night. With Mona, you will never know where the night will take you. But you can always trust you will thoroughly enjoy the ride.

    “Mona is a movement, renaissance, and sanctuary for diverse people drawn to the same frequency.” 

    Tomi Nelkin, Creative Director, TEC



Mona, The Manifesto

  • Athens is my canvas, my stage, my amusement park; the lover I come back to for more. We share the same curiosity, looking inward to see outward, revealing layers of color, texture, and raw truth.

    Urban and country, modern and primal, merged into one form of elegant complexity. A climate of chaos wrapped in rocker chic – loyal to the artist in values, vision, and aesthetics.

    Staying up all night to the rhythm of fresh beats only to salute the sun each morning. Expressing at full volume, greatness in passion. Eating what excites and drinking from the top. Discovering hidden gardens, old terrazzo floors, layers of history awaiting a revival – to be touched by creative madness and renewed by sensual wonders.

    I choose to live life as an out-of-body experience; as a curated discovery of unexplored sensations and uncharted spaces. I am Mona; a movement; a homage to the art of living. A Sanctuary for the wild at heart, my force is contagious and my song will soon be on your lips.

    Come, take my hand, and jump in.


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