Run malware run.

Color Palette & Typography


  • With over 300,000 new malicious malware samples generated daily, the cyber security industry has been forced to engage in a never-ending game of cat-and-mouse as it becomes harder to classify malware permutations when they appear or identify unknown malware samples before they strike. SNDBOX has developed a groundbreaking sandbox solution that leverages AI, machine learning, and an invisible kernel mode agent to identify malicious malware in less than 60 seconds – a rate that shatters the 7 minute industry standard. SNDBOX approached us for across-the-board marcom support, from banding to content creation to copywriting. We worked with them to develop on-demand deliverables that together created a strong, unified, and distinguished start-up friendly brand capable of evolving with a pivoting business strategy.




  • SNDBOX offers an extremely innovative solution to a rapidly evolving and highly-technical industry. We wanted to be bold and set out to craft a visual language that would communicate ingenuity and sophistication with an edge. We chose to leverage strong colors, fine graphics, and a unique headline font. Together these elements provide SNDBOX with a united identity capable of cross-audience expansion without compromise. Investor-facing materials demand to be taken seriously. Social posts are edgy. And direct-to-consumer messaging is inclusive and community-oriented.

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