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  • There are boundless destinations for those who love to surf. As the sport gains popularity in Israel, more are seeking bigger waves abroad. Ocean Travel sources the best international spots and facilitates tailored access to the world’s top resorts for Israeli audiences. From discounts and travel packages to VIP experiences, off-site tours, and complete A-Z logistic management, Ocean Travel is the agency for those seeking the world’s best waves, hassle-free.


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  • Surfing destinations are inherently breathtaking. We wanted to ensure the Ocean Travel brand would be able to maintain a strong identity while simultaneously showcasing the alluring appeal of the travel spots they were marketing. For this purpose, the Ocean Travel logo is clean and both logo and brand colors are black and white only. This approach provides the agency a cool and professional character that accentuates, rather than distracts from, travel packages and destination highlights. It also extends seamlessly to swag and other promotional items, ensuring a unified look and clear brand identity.


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