Chameleo Studios

Fun at every touch point.


  • Chameleo Studios is united by the shared belief that digital entertainment is at its best when it’s delightful. When they approached us to brand their company, we held this outlook central, ensuring that no matter the touch point, users engaging Chameleo would always have a smile on their face.


    What We Did

    – Branding & Logo Design
    – Website:
    – Deck
    – Swag



  • As the company’s forte is digital entertainment, we started the creative process in motion. The brand narrative evolved in step with the logo and logo animation. Chameleo’s logo serves as the company’s mascot, evoking a playful sense of fun along with the message that no matter your taste or preference, Chameleo offers something for everyone. This is furthered by a bold color palette and spirited copy. Together these elements combine to present a personality that delights in the feel-good and the playful.