Background & Approach

  • Blend is an extension of its founder, a woman who embraces the whole over the part to live beyond good taste. Launching a line of fresh juices, snacks, and cleansing regiments, Blend approached health food through the palette.

    Blend is not interested in the constructs of carb-free, fat-free, or sugar-fee. Rather, company focus is directed at what food is full of: taste, health, and nourishment. When we set out to craft Blend’s brand story, it was important for us to stay true to the founder’s authentic voice and worldview without preaching to the consumer.

    Due to the ‘no-bullshit’ nature of the brand, we opted to focus on a specific attitude consumers could identify with; one that chose positivity and acceptance over denial and the front of perfection.



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Brand Story

  • Everyone today speaks about balance. We’re obsessed. Advice about how to find, maintain, or embody balance floods our feeds. We feel pressure. We feel stress. We are up nights. But, if you think about it, balance implies a duality of opposites; an act so easily boasted by well manicured profiles, but for us on the ground, an exhausting struggle to maintain.

    Rather than finding equilibrium, for too many, the pendulum never stops swinging. This is why I Blend.

    A lifestyle expressed in unity rather than duality, when I Blend, I don’t do carb free, fat free, sugar free. Give me flavor! Give me nourishment! Give me taste! I don’t deny today in order to indulge tomorrow. My palette and my body both deserve to rejoice.

    At Blend, we’re beyond good taste. Designed to complement your full and active life, Blend products are made for hungry people on the go who deserve to have their tongue cheer, their eyes close, and their body groan “oh this tastes soooo good.” With ingredients that are fresh, local, and plant-based, we make juices, snacks, and cleansing regiments packed full of deliciousness for the palette, nourishment for the tummy, and healthiness for the body. Respectful of mother nature’s wisdom, we don’t rush things. We flow with the seasons, source from the local, and follow processes that produce better products, not longer shelf-lives.

    For at Blend, our ultimate goal is always to further a healthier, well nourished, and more satisfied you.

    “Choice rather than pressure. That’s the fundamental difference between lifestyle and dieting.”

    Erin Kopelow, Head of Narrative, TEC


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