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Time for a brand to stand tall

  • For more than 15 years, Dafna Rolls and her team have been growing their clients’ sales pipelines with a methodology that combines deep research with tailored communication tactics. 

    When Dafna approached us, her name and the DRolls brand were largely seen as synonymous, despite the fact that DRolls as a company was already established, mature, and operating across three continents. In order for DRolls to reach the next level, the branding needed to clearly communicate the company’s true caliber.



    – Website: www.drolls.co
    – Branding & Logo Design
    – Deck
    – Brochures
    – Case Studies 



  • DRolls cuts through the noise to connect their clients with the right leads for their business objectives. Through focus, expertise, and a tremendous amount of dedication, they deliver on the promise of hopeful opportunity, getting their clients in front of the right decision makers to transform their business.

    This positive determination and hope were our inspiration and the driving force behind the new brand, acting as both brand promise, rallying cry, and core visual inspiration.


    “We set out to build a brand that embodies the energy of possibility.”

    Erin Kopelow, CEO, TEC


Visual Language

  • DRolls visual language portrays the importance of personal meetings in their myriad forms, and the ease of seamless connection. The clarity of geometry lends itself beautifully to that goal.

    The form of the circle evokes associations of roundtable meetings, a focusing camera lense, an illuminating spotlight, a wheel in motion. The color palette further supports the feelings that DRolls embodies, primarily the warmth of human relationships which are central to the networking and creation of business opportunities that DRolls facilitates through communication and connection. The yellow of the circle is both a highlight and a spark – the small moment of contact that can lead to much greater things.

    Likewise, visual fonts and shapes are all rounded, with gently curved corners rather than sharpness or harshness, echoing the progression of healthy business relationships now and into the future.


    “There is a lot of energy in this brand. It moves you forward.”

    Tomi Nelkin,  Co-Creative Director, TEC



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