Soft Touch

Adding spark to a brand’s grand re-entrance.


  • The Soft Touch makeup line turned 30. Reflecting on all that it had achieved, it looked back with satisfaction. It had become one of the country’s staple brands. Its consumers were satisfied and loyal. It had stable relationships with outlets such as SuperPharm. Confidence rained. Yet looking forward from 30, it was ready for a change. It was time to get young again, freshen up, put on that party dress and head out to meet a whole new crowd. We worked with Soft Touch to add the spark needed for their grand re-entrance. 


  • A party isn’t a party without flashing lights, sequins, and a pulsing sense of rhythm. We dressed Soft Touch up for their night on the town with a two-toned approach that played on the traditional little-black-dress dancing ’till dawn amid the lights, cocktails, and glitter of the discotheque. Color, movement, and fun combine to elevate a language that works across digital and print. 


  • Campaign Language (Digital & Print)
    Web Animations