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Technically, the sky's the limit

  • A leading technology integrator, companies of all types turned to TeraSky when technology challenges stood in the way of their business goals. With sights set on new markets, TeraSky turned to TEC to help them articulate their precise value to larger audiences.

    What exactly is technological integration? And why call on TeraSky over others? Through unpacking and reanalyzing these questions, we repositioned TeraSky from an abstract technology jack-of-all-trades, to the master craftsman, for whom technically, the sky really is the limit.




    – Website copywriting: www.terasky.com
    – Strategic messaging
    – Blogs
    – Case studies
    – Graphic design services


Core Identity Messaging

  • Novel solutions to complex challenges require creative genius. It was clear to us that TeraSky’s team truly was exceptional, designing innovative solutions using technological tools in ways that surprise and impress even the people who created them. From cloud migrations, microservices, containerization, and automation to high-performance data storage, management, protection and more, TeraSky makes it their business – literally – to be experts in every technology solution on the market. It is this identity that we strategically developed, re-articulating it across deliverables to build a comprehensive and clear narrative that resonates with clients, partners, and employees alike.


    “Deeply knowledgeable and exceptionally creative. That is TeraSky.”

    Rachel Hercky Linnewiel, Head of Copy, TEC

Strategic & Tactical

  • Working with the TeraSky team, we honed in on TeraSky’s distinct voice, messaging, and presence, developing it consciously through ongoing content creation services that spanned social posts, blogs, technical whitepapers, brochures, ad campaigns, and more. Visuals were created hand in hand with content, further expanding and refining the company’s corporate identity and creative license – allowing TeraSky’s personality to evolve while simultaneously executing marketing needs on-demand.



    “When done right, identity-building on the go has its advantages.”

    Erin Kopelow, CEO, TEC


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