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  • Steimatzky, Israel’s largest bookstore chain, has long been woven into the lives of Israelis. Consumers seek out the brand for themselves and as the premium destination for gifting the love of the written word to others. The company reached out to us to help them develop and execute their array of digital promotional content. We aimed to develop a language that would achieve the required ROI while preserving the brand’s premium position. 


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  • Each image is a snapshot from a typical day or a page out of a well-loved scrapbook. Scenes are familiar; a nostalgic homage to the brand’s intimate history with its audience and the seamless integration Steimatzky products have within our homes and lifestyles. Design guidelines encompass breadth, allowing for an array of color and background images, while maintaining brand identity when promoting 3rd party items. Compositions are reminiscent of Instagram favorites, casual but well ordered scenes we all can relate to.

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