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Full Speed Ahead

  • Enigmatos built the world’s first end-to-end data engine for connected fleets. They protect against cyber attacks and provide fleet operators with invaluable visibility into fleet health. With investment and market growth ambitions, the company turned to TEC for a new website and tighter articulation of its value proposition.

    Our process began by concentrating on the fleet operator. What do they want? What keeps them up at night? The answer: they want to keep their fleets moving full speed ahead.



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  • Cyber security for connected fleets is a new industry – one that fleet operators are only now beginning to fully understand. As such, education regarding the reality, scope, and dangers of cyber attacks in transportation, as well as the role Enigmatos’s unique, patented technologies can play in preventing them, needed to be included as a primary objective in our narrative-building process.

    To achieve this, our headlines are bold and short. Supporting text is clear and to the point. Overall, individual pieces of content work together, one layer upon the next, to build complexity without confusion.


    “Enigmatos leverages your data so you can achieve more. For this reason, our content communicates integration, not complication.”

    Rachel Hercky Linnewiel, Head of Copy, TEC


Website Design

  • Although the company was relatively young, their vision was grand, so we set out to build a website to match. To provide girth, we opted for a mega-menu approach that added to the scope of the site and provided room for primary message positioning and key content placement. Web animations pair with large, bold fonts to drive messages home while communicating an overall experience of forward movement and ease of use.

    Colors are strong yet calming, blues and greens merging together into seamless gradients. Graphic elements reference roads with an emphasis always on a clear path ahead.


    “What does our data do for us? It keeps us moving when leveraged right.”

    Tomi Nelkin, Creative Director, TEC



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