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A Touch of Magic?

  • Leading online insurance marketplace, Ultimate Insurance, leverages big data technology to identify the most relevant options from top insurance providers. Their online policy matching platform helps users make educated decisions while saving time and money.

    Wanting to take their offering to the next level, they connected with us to redesign their brand identity and redefine their voice.

    Our first order of business was answering the question: can buying car insurance really ever be characterized as an “ultimate” experience? Surprise reveal: yes, it can!

    What We Did

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    – Branding
    – Website Copy
    – Website Design


The Ultimate Brag

  • As an established enterprise, when Ultimate Insurance came to us with their existing name we knew we had to tread carefully. Typically, we avoid generic names, but the company’s insistence on keeping their name made us reconsider. So we took the conversation directly to our client.

    What makes an experience truly ultimate? Can something as mundane as buying car insurance be considered ultimate? Can this name really live up to the customer journey?

    While incredibly narrow in scope, buying car insurance can be an overwhelming and painful process for consumers, especially those with less-than-perfect driving records. Ultimate Insurance prides itself on delivering a sourcing and purchasing experience that truly feels ultimate, matching consumers with the right policy for them, in minutes.

    But we didn’t want to just come out and say it outright. We wanted to communicate this value with a touch of self-awareness and grandiosity. Because at the end of the day, no one likes a bragger.

    “Our approach was to hit a home run on the ‘modest brag’ through humor.”

    Rachel Hercky Linnewiel, Head of Copy, TEC

So Good, it Feels like Magic

  • Who better to guide users through this new world of car-insurance purchasing than a unicorn – the pure, confident, and trustworthy guide of lore. 

    Once this mythical creature popped into our creative process, there was no shaking it. It was both bold and playful, solid but self conscious, the perfect pair to the larger-than-life company name.

    The website’s design reflects this relationship: the honesty of the company’s tech promise and the brand’s fun-loving personality. The interface is bright and clear with a splash of humor. Every element, from fonts to buttons, provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, smoothly moving customers along their funnel to their ultimate destination.


    “Although the design journey was arduous, the end product is nothing short of magical – a reliable and trustworthy companion in the wondrous world of Ultimate.”

    Janna Palankin, Head of Design, TEC

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