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  • Laika sought to create and make available safe, effective, and FDA-approved cannabinoid medical products for pets. A first-of-its-kind pharmaceutical endeavor within the veterinary market, Laika turned to TEC for branding and investor material support.


    What We Did

    – Branding & Logo Design
    – Investor Deck
    – Investor One Pager


The Brand

  • Laika understood that veterinarians require extensive scientific data, clearly defined treatment regimes, and – ultimately – FDA approval.  To meet these criteria, Laika was launching a sophisticated operation, formally developing patent protected cannabinoid therapeutics for companion animals according to FDA regulatory guidelines.

    Our goal in the branding process was to capture the motivations behind Laika within a visually compelling design that would communicate the values of safety, trust, and care. The visual language is pet-centric, focusing on the the individual animal and framing the pet-owner relationship from the animal’s perspective. The visual language is clean, emphasizing order and process. The logo references cannabinoid within a wellness wrapping.


    “This brand is speaking to those who deeply respect and expertly care for the animals we love. This is what we set out to capture.”

    Tomi Nelkin, Co-Creative Director, TEC


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