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Compassionate Strength for Families in Need

  • A registered non-profit organization, Candles of Hope was founded by a community of families, health professionals, researchers, and policy makers, who refused to accept that despite affecting so many, pregnancy and infant loss is rarely discussed in Israeli society. Too many families find themselves alone and without proper resources, information or frameworks to support them through their unique journey of grief.

    Candles of Hope set out to improve care for bereaved families and break the silence and taboo surrounding pregnancy and infant loss. They turned to TEC to launch their mission, brand identity, and website.



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  • Candles of Hope was formed to provide support around a difficult and sensitive issue – pregnancy and infant loss. In addition to the comprehensive support, information, and education services that they provide to both families and healthcare professionals, they also work tirelessly to affect real change in Israeli society, fighting against silence and stigma, and demanding change. This was the feeling that needed to come through with crystal clarity: that when a family in need connects with Candles of Hope, they’ve found a partner and a guide to help steady them with compassion and strength as they navigate this difficult transition. We began with the brand story, a narrative that clearly articulates the mission of the organization and the support they provide families facing devastating and complex grief in their own unique way.


    “Our responsibility was to create a brand narrative that would support grief with a steadying hand.”

    Erin Kopelow, CEO, TEC

Visual Language

  • The goal of the new Candles of Hope visual language was to promote feelings of calm and quietude, and to act as a supportive but never intrusive presence. The primary color palette includes earthy and grounding greens and browns subtly brightened by a growing yellow light that acknowledges the process of grief and healing, and evokes hope. Secondary graphic languages continue this line of thought, with photography focused on the powerful interpersonal moments that make healing possible, and visual fonts and shapes that are clear, simple, straightforward, and contemporary. The tone and style of the written copy conveys understanding, expertise, conviction, and empathy.


    “Evoking emotion is the mission of any brand. Here, however, we needed to respond to emotion in its rawest form.”

    Tomi Nelkin, Co-Creative Director, TEC


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