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  • Regulators, consumers, and pedestrians are demanding better road safety standards and capabilities from car manufacturers. Europe has been so bold as to even set a zero road fatality target through their OECD Global NCAP “Vision Zero” vehicle safety roadmap. To achieve this, the automotive industry is in need of driver-assist sensing systems that ensure true road safety in real-time at all times.

    Arbe’s 4D imaging radar is a forefront technology, making this road-safety revolution achievable. Differentiating threats from false alarms in real-time, no matter their speed, elevation, proximity, size, or surrounding weather conditions, Arbe provides unprecedented levels of driving assistance, navigation path planning and collision avoidance support. Starting with the script for their corporate video (watch), the company approached us to better articulate their value, technological capabilities, and long-term vision to target clients, financial investors, and the public at large.


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  • Through our Go-To-Marketing efforts, we are Arbe’s creative partner, working with them on daily marcom deliverables while strategically evolving  their  brand in step with their growth. These efforts have included a recent brand design upgrade that incorporated bolder blues, a secondary playful color palette, and a sharper design language to effectively communicate the groundbreaking capabilities of Arbe’s technology, and the safer future it promises to deliver us all.

The Arbe Promise

  • (Video script excerpt)

    The road ahead is full of possibilities.
    Of adventures. Of opportunities.
    And obstacles unforeseen.


    No matter the speed, weather, time of day or setting
    the road ahead is safe with Arbe,
    the most advanced radar system on the market.


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