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Sparking Wonder in Early Childhood Education

  • A bilingual preschool in Tel Aviv, Wonder views children as competent and capable individuals, full of knowledge, eager and curious to connect with the world around them. Rooted in the pedagogical philosophy or Reggio Emilia, they nurture opportunities that spark joy and intrigue, allowing for deeper learning through child-lead exploration and investigation. When they turned to TEC to articulate their mission and outlook, it was this incredible respect for the child that lead our creative process.




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Visual Language

  • Wonder is the basis for creativity. Wonder is how we develop the new or make something better. Wonder is how we look critically at the world and then engage it.

    In step with their pedagogical approach, the school presented their new name to the students for feedback, wanting to understand what the concept of Wonder meant to them. In one small group session, 4 year old Julian responded with a drawing of a child within a larger circle. When asked what he drew, he responded “The orange circle is what he is thinking now. The green line is what he then builds.” When we set out to begin design on the school’s new logo we took inspiration from Julian’s drawing, turning the O in Wonder into two overlapping circles depicting the child and the wonder surrounding the child through which they engage and shape their world.


    “This school nurtures opportunities that literally caused children to light up with wonder. It was this agency and excitement our visual language sought to communicate.”

    Tomi Nelkin, Co-Creative Director, TEC


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