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  • Women have grown to distrust anti-aging skincare products that promise the fountain of youth and are tired of marketing messages that focus on the desire to return to yesterday. When Bio Active Care approached us to brand their anti-aging skincare line, we set out with a foundational principle: with age comes confidence, and with confidence comes a deeper and more powerful sense of beauty.



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  • While traditional anti-age skincare promise a return to youth, Bio Active Care focuses on the sense of agency that comes with time. We have the power to build better tomorrows because of the lessons we learn and the experiences we accumulate today. And confidence is the most alluring trait of all. With this worldview, the Bio Active Care tagline calls on women to “Face Forward,” to engage in active self-care over vanity and to feel control over beauty, aging and their health. The Bio Active Care Women is grounded and strong, she is methodological. She plans and prepares for tomorrow, living today consciously and purposefully.

The Bio Active Care Brand Story

  • Life is a balance between being active and standing still. Between running at full speed, taking a leap of faith, and quietly watching the earth spin. Your face is a compilation of all these moments. Every dream, every loss, and each success. Some say your face is a reflection of all your yesterdays. What we see, are all of your tomorrows.

    Bio Active Care is for those who face forward. For those who learn and strive to build one life lesson upon the next. Our approach is to prepare and to repair. Our solutions diverge to meet skin needs for progressive stages in life. Daily practice, smart prevention and results-driven care are our ethos. Each product is developed methodologically through the mindful selection of plant-based and science-driven active ingredients. And we keep iterating and refining so our solutions continuously meet your needs as they evolve over time.

    In pursuit of balance, we advocate that our formulas be paired with a conscious lifestyle in order to achieve full effect. For this reason we partner with the nurturers, the care givers, and the educators. We believe that together we can develop new products and approaches to skin awareness and active care.

    This is your face. And this is you facing forward.


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